Mentor Programme is a project that provides each foreign student with a Polish student – his/her individual buddy. Mentors have the task of contacting an assigned Erasmus student, picking them up from the airport or the train station, helping them to accommodate in a dorm, taking them to the WSB International Office and to the Departmental Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Programme, helping them to make a PEKA card and to establish a bank account, giving them a pre-paid starter pack, showing them around the city, and finally helping them to acclimatise to the new location.

The ESN WSB Poznań section runs a recruitment process for Mentors twice a year in the same time as recruitment to section.


Below we present the duties you are responsible for after an Erasmus student assigned to you has arrived in Poznań. You have to:


  1. Pick an Erasmus student from the airport/ train station and help him/her to get to the dormitory.
    If some Erasmus student arrives earlier (that is, before the official date of moving into a dormitory) you need to arrange an accommodation at a hostel or go to the administration of the dormitory and ask whether he/she can move into the dormitory earlier. It does not matter at what time your Erasmus student arrives, somebody is always 24hs a day at reception in the dormitory. Depending on the time, you need to go with your Erasmus student to the dormitory’s administration, which is usually open till 3 p.m. There the Erasmus student will get an individual bank account number into which he/she will have to pay a rent each month. It is highly probable that at the beginning the Erasmus student will have to pay the rent right away within a couple of days, that is why you will have to go with him/her to the post office or to the bank. The dorm’s administration will make your Erasmus student a resident card, for which they will need one passport-size photo.
  2. Go with an Erasmus student to the City Hall in Libelta street 16/20 in order to register him/her for temporary residency.
    (It applied only to Erasmus students from outside the European Union, that is countries such as Turkey, Norway, Macedonia, Albania). 
  3. Go with an Erasmus student to the Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator. There the Erasmus student will set up a timetable, get a student card, arrange all the formalities.
  4. Help to apply for a PEKA card. One passport-size photo will be needed.
  5. Go to the doctor with an Erasmus student in case of any problems with health. Clinics in Piątkowska street (near the dormitories) or in Taczaka street.
  6. Help an Erasmus student with the first shopping and other activities requiring knowledge of Polish.
  7. Take an Erasmus student for a walk around Poznań and in the neighbourhood of the Erasmus student’s accommodation. 


During the next weeks and months, the Mentor should stay in touch with the Erasmus student, make sure that everything is all right and inform the Erasmus student about trips, projects and parties organized by ESN WSB Poznań.