• Are you a student?

  • Can you imagine travelling without your camera?

  • Would you like to show others how do you see Europe?

If the answer is YES Discovering Europe with ESN is for you! 



What is Discover Europe?Dawid.

Discover Europe is a photo contest. It is an opportunity to broaden your horizons through pictures! This contest is mean to select the best picture showing all European countries, the beauty and diversity of Europe.




What categories are in Discover Europe?Którędy na Giewont?

Surprise me, Europe! ­- photos of funny or intriguing situations.

Citizen of Europe­ - photographs showing various perceptions of Europeans.

My Europe, my Home - breathtaking places and landscapes of Europe.


Discover Europe consists of two parts: local stages and national stage. It means more opportunities to win! Firstly, during the local stage (in Poznań). Secondly, during the final, national stage.




How many pictures can I register?A Roman Afternoon

You can register a maximum of 5 pictures, and spread them between the 3 categories.



How to do this?

Jump to our website, register yourself and add your pictures!

It's that simple! → http://discovereurope.esn.pl/

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